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Instant Activation

Don't wait days to get up and running. When you sign-up with InvestorPO all you need to do is complete a short profile and within minutes you will have a fully functional system. Stop spending weeks configuring your settings, creating your content and importing your existing data!

benefits of product

True All-in-One Solution

Eliminate the need for additional services. We are truly everything you need to run your business. Property Comps, Tracking Phone Numbers, SMS Messages, Emails, Voicemail Drops, Personalized Postcards, Digital Signatures, KPI Reporting - InvestorPO has it all built in.

benefits of product

Automation with a Human Touch

IPO will follow up on leads with a personalized voicemail, a perfectly timed follow-up text message, and a highly personalized and interest specific email. Fully customizable, but already precisely crafted to get a response, thanks to our proprietary multi-funnel touch system.


There Has to be a Better Way

CRM solutions are great at what they do, but they are not what you’d call user-friendly.

I’ve seen countless real estate investors pay good money for a CRM that barely gets used. For someone who isn’t incredibly tech-savvy, making it work for your business is a daunting task. And, at the end of the day, you’ve still gotta do most everything yourself.

So, we decided there had to be a better way. And that’s why we created InvestorPO.


Multi-Touch Funnel System

With IPO you can have a unique series of messages for each Lead type. Sellers, Buyers, Agents, Wholesalers. The possibilities are endless.

We didn’t stop there. We built in an intelligence to our multi-funnel system, to adapt the message content as a lead transitions through phases in the selling and buying process. All the things that keep a relationship going.

And it all happens within the system, there’s no external software to set up, no 3rd-party accounts to create.


Social Profiling

Here’s another feature that we think you’ll love.

Using our Social Finder technology, when someone contacts you, IPO will scour all the major social sites to find a wealth of information about that person. Imagine how much better that first phone call will go, if you’ve got enough information right in front of you to make anyone feel like you know them.

Think about how much stronger your negotiation position will become when you know all about the lead in advance.


Business Process Management

What about managing your business processes?

InvestorPO all the features of the best Real Estate Investing Podio systems available today.

A System with all the advantages of an out-of-the-box solution, fully integrated with all the latest marketing tools and most of all, the ability to manage my leads and processes with a human touch – something truly special.

We built this for you, not us!

Join today and experience the InvestorPO difference.


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Reviews From Our Users

What our users are saying about InvestorPO

I have been impatiently waiting for the Investor PO system to reach its launch date for months. When I signed up for the beta testing and had my first look at the software I was blown away by the capabilities yet the ease of use. My team has now fully implemented Investor PO within our business and the time savings is tremendous. We recently lost one of our two lead managers and due to the automation of Investor PO that position does not need to be filled. The support during setup was top notch. Every real estate investor needs this system. Well, unless you are in my market.

— Scott Oots, SJO Investments


— Jerry Stevens, Homebuyers of NC

InvestorPo's commitment to its users and community is unmatched. We have canceled multiple services that we were signed up for previously because its all integrated in InvestorPo. The followup sequence that CRM is the best out there. We have seen deals come in from the follow up system that we were not seeing with our old system. Another part of the system that is amazing is the fact that we can customize it to fit our exact business model, procedures and sales process.

— IVO, Phoenix Investor Group

InvestorPO has totally changed my mindset on how to organize and run my business. This system will make you more successful!

— Chris Carter, Sell Quick San Diego

I wanted to thank Robert Syfert, Doug Lewis and their entire team for putting together the best CRM out there. The system has cut our work load in half, made it more simple to track everything, and has taken our business to the next level. The system is fully automated and has double our teams productivity. InvestorPo is extremely user friendly. It took us less than 1/2 day to go over all of the training videos, and we began using the system. Our team has thanked us on multiple occasions for switching CRMs.

— Anny Draginova


Limited to first 50 signups. Order today before the discount period ends!

$197/ MONTH

Your package includes the following features:

  • Instant Installation in Your Podio
  • Targeted Messages to Each Lead Type
  • Custom Messages for Each Campaign
  • Messages Adjust to Lead Status
  • 360-Degree Social Lead Profiles
  • Seller Questionnaire
  • Buyer Questionnaire
  • Automated Comp Reports
  • MAO Calculations
  • Appointment Management
  • Offers Management
  • Inspection Reports
  • PDF Generated Agreements
  • Listings Management
  • Email and SMS Property Blasts
  • Job Roles
  • Campaign Management
  • Enhanced KPI Reporting
  • 100 Targetted SMS Text Messages
  • 100 Personalized Lead Emails
  • 100 Automated Voicemail Drops
  • 100 Tracking Phone Minutes
  • 50 360-Degree Social Lead Profiles
  • 10 Branded One-Off Postcards
  • 5 Customizable Electronic Signature Agreements
  • 5 Property Comps Per Hour
  • 3 Campaign Tracking Phone Numbers
  • Weekly Live Q&A Strategy Webinars
  • Private Members Only Facebook Group
  • Wholesale Pricing for Overages - View Pricing
  • 2 Custom Integrations
  • Can be used to connect your web site forms and phone system to InvestorPO
  • Savings of $350.00

Join today and you will be locked into this price for ever!

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